Editorial Calendar and Deadline Dates

January 2014
Cover story:Turning Points as a Counselor
Space reservations: November 20, 2013
Ads due: November 26, 2013

February 2014
Cover Story: Self-Esteem Issues
Space reservations: December 13, 2013
Ads due: December 20, 2013

March 2014
Cover Story: Returning to Counseling's Wellness Roots
Special issue: Spotlight on sponsors!
Space reservations: January 28, 2014
Ads due: January 31, 2014

April 2014
Cover Story: Counselors and Diagnosis
Space reservations: February 21
Ads due: February 28

May 2014
Cover Story: Counselor Advocacy
Space reservations: March 28
Ads due: April 4

June 2014
Cover Story: Ethical Dilemmas (Revised ACA Code of Ethics)
Space reservations: April 25
Ads due: May 2

July 2014
Cover Story: Trauma (with focus on children & best treatments)
Space reservations: May 22
Ads due: May 30

August 2014
Cover Story: Working Collaboratively With Other Professions
Space reservations: June 20
Ads due: June 27

September 2014
Cover Story: Strengthening the Therapeutic Alliance
Space reservations: July 18
Ads due: July 25

October 2014
Cover Story:Family Counseling
Space reservations: August 22
Ads due: August 29

November 2014
Cover Story: Supervision in Counseling
Space reservations: September 19
Ads due: September 26

December 2014
Cover Story: Transitioning Into Private Practice
Space reservations: October 24
Ads due: October 31

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