ACA's Taskforce on Counselor Wellness and Impairment

The Governing Council of the American Counseling Association established a Task Force on Impaired Counselors in the Spring of 2003. The creation of this task force reflects a growing awareness of impairment in the field as well as ACA's commitment to identifying and developing intervention strategies and resources to help impaired counselors.

Task Force Goals

There are three broad avenues for addressing the needs of impaired counselors: education of all counselors to prevent impairment, securing quality resources, intervention and treatment for impaired counselors, and advocacy within ACA and at the state and national levels to address the broader issues surrounding impairment as well as the specific needs of those who are impaired. Our work begins with impairment prevention through education on resiliency and wellness-and geared towards all counselors. Education serves to remind counselors of their knowledge about stress and self-care, to help them identify their areas of vulnerability, and to provide strategies for renewal. 

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