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Newsletter Article | Nov 05, 2013

COLORADO - The Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo (CMHIP)

The Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo (CMHIP) is a state operated, 438-bed inpatient psychiatric hospital serving persons with serious mental illness, including a 200-bed High Security Forensic Institute. In addition, the hospital manages the care and treatment of approximately 140 forensics patients residing in the community. CMHIP is licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and is accredited by the Joint Commission and certified by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

CMHIP units provide comprehensive psychiatric and Psychosocial evaluation and treatment by a multi-disciplinary treatment team.  This includes:  24 hour nursing care and assessment; psychiatric intervention and evaluation; psychological services; psychosocial services; occupational therapy, educational and vocational rehabilitation services and recreational therapy.  Patients are admitted from throughout the state from correctional, court, mental health, and other community facilities for long and short-term treatment under court authority, as well as transfers from within CMHIP and other units.  Legal statuses of patients include 27-10 Civil commitments (M-1, M-3, Short and Long Term certifications); Incompetent to Proceed (ITP); Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity or Impaired Mental Condition (NGRI or NGR-IMC); court ordered evaluations for Sanity, Sex Offender issues, Competency.

NOTE: The eligible list established from this job announcement may be be used to fill multiple vacancies in this job classification on an on going basis for full and part-time positions. However, if you see other positions posted in this job classification, you are strongly encouraged to apply.

To retrieve the full description and instructions on how to apply visit:

Description of Job:
Formulate psychosocial assessments by interviewing, collaborating, analyzing, and assimilating social histories that demonstrate the relationship to current behavior problems and psychodynamic issues. This assessment generates a clinical summary and treatment recommendations that will predictably impact treatment and future adjustment to success in the community. Prepare information for inclusion in the Plan of Care. Direct and coordinate discharge planning and case management through evaluation and assessment of patient’s needs as they relate to available community resources and exploring and mobilizing those resources. Identify and choose appropriate community placement and treatment programs. Intervene to research and mobilize resources specific to case need. Seek and promotes family inclusion. Participate in the direction and formulation of treatment plans and reviews. Collaborate with multi-disciplinary treatment team by recommending and designing treatment interventions, which will meet patient and family education and therapeutic needs.   Assess patient and family education needs and identify readiness to learn, motivation, strengths and barriers to the learning process. Provide ongoing psycho-education that is relevant to individual, social, environmental factors, medical regimen, to enhance mental health growth and stability. Educate patient and family regarding related symptoms of their disorders, symptom management, risk factors and relapse prevention. Provide individual, family and group treatment as indicated by the Plan of Care and case management requirements.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions and Conditions of Employment:
Applicants must meet minimum qualifications listed below to continue in the selection process for this position.  A Human Resource Specialist will review the work experience section of your application to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications.  While you are encouraged to attach a resume and cover letter to your application, these documents will NOT be used to determine if you meet minimum qualifications.

Minimum Qualifications:  Must possess a valid Licensed Clinical Social Work licensure (LCSW) from the State of Colorado AND one year of full-time practice experience as a licensed clinical social worker.  (Part time experience will be prorated).   
Your application must clearly state your experience and qualifications for this position. Statements such as "see resume" or "nursing duties” will not be accepted. Failure to provide all required documents may result in your disqualification from consideration for this position. 

Preferred Qualifications: 
Clinical experience in an inpatient setting and/or working with patients with mental illness with physical and sexual aggressive behavior;
Knowledge of/and experience with Dialectical and Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Recovery related treatment.
Experience working with the Care and Treatment for Persons with Mental Illness rules and regulations CRS 27-65 et seq.
Required Competencies:
Knowledge of casework methods, techniques, and their applications to work  
Knowledge of the principles of human growth and behavior, basic sociological and psychological  treatment and therapy practices,
Knowledge of interviewing skills and techniques, 
Ability to express ideas effectively, orally and in writing,
Ability to use interviewing skills and techniques effectively,
Ability to exercise good judgment in evaluating situations and making decisions.    

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